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Joseph Fields,
Children's Magician

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Joseph Fields, Children's Magician
Joseph Fields, magician

Make your kid the envy of every other kid in town.
Throw a party your child will remember Forever!... Guaranteed!

Hire...a MAGICIAN!

"I just wanted to thank you for an awesome birthday party, you do such a great job.

The kids had such a fabulous time, you have a really special gift. So thanks again and I will definitely recommend you to many." — Katie Hood

Discover How to Supercharge Your Child's Next Party with Laughter, Fun, and Entertainment Your Whole Family Will Love!

There's so much to do and so little time. As you rush around between school, sports and club meetings, you realize just how fast your kids grow up. Every moment is precious, especially special occasions.

And now another year has passed.  So how will you celebrate your child's special day this year?

Hire a professional children's entertainer!

pulling a kerchief out of a child's ear

"We just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful performance at the Children's Christmas party yesterday.

You were fantastic with the children and they had a great time. Lots of the parents have told us how impressed they were with your magic and your rapport with the audience. We would love to keep your details for future events." — Verena Lochmuller and Kate Collingwood, Community Liaison Officers, UK Mission To The UN

"When that picture began speaking the children literally squealed with delight."

Mary Feldhouse, Head children's librarian, Eastchester Public Library

There are a lot of entertainers you can hire. But how do you know which entertainer will make your event special? How can you be sure you'll get the best entertainer for your investment? And most important: how can you be sure the person you hire knows what it takes to entertain kids?

The answer: Hire a Kid-Show Specialist.

For kids' parties and family events, you want entertainment that's visual, easy to folow, and — naturally — hilariously funny. Children love situational comedy, where crazy stuff happens and everyone enjoys the fun.

So what do you want? You want a professional magician!

You want a magician who has spent years working on and perfecting his programs. You want a magician who has performed thousands of times in front of live audiences.

You don't want a part-time entertainer, you want someone who's good enough to work as a FULL-TIME Kid Show Professional!

Only by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in children's entertainment can you be certain you'll get the quality and value your family deserves.

How to Have a Party Your Child Will Never Forget!

My name is Joseph Fields. For over 20 years I have dedicated my time and talents to making life easier for Moms and Dads all across the tri-state area.

So how do I do this?

By blending comedy, magic, music, and balloon animals into a one-of-a-kind extravaganza your child, your family and your entire neighborhood will NEVER forget!

"You were creative ,hysterically funny, inclusive, sensitive and appropriate" — Adelia Chaves, Andrus Children's Center, Yonkers, N.Y.

Joseph Fields performing a magic trick at an event in the New York city area

The Magic of Making Your Child Feel Special!

All my party package solutions provide a guaranteed, laughter-packed 40 to 60 minutes of magic, comedy, music and fun! There's no experimental material in my show – it's all tried and true A+ material.

And the star of the show? Is YOUR CHILD! All throughout the show, magic will continually happen in their hands! Balls will appear, disappear, and change – which of course makes your child feel VERY special!

Plus there's tons of HILARIOUS Audience Participation! Every kid gets to help out in some way, which is important because, as you know, kids don’t want to just sit and watch – they want to get into the act, don’t they?

enthusiastic kids at a Joseph Fields magic show

"I just wanted to send you a very big "Thank you" for doing such a wonderful job at Anthony's birthday party.

You had the children AND the adults entertained the ENTIRE time and for that I am truly thankful. Everyone has commented on your performance--all positive of course!!!!! You are a very talented magician who has great command of the audience!!! I can honestly say that you have proven to stand behind your philosophy that is posted on your website."
Christine Way. mom

"I have never seen children so totally entertained in my entire life." — Mary Slaiman, Head Children's Librarian, Greenburgh Public Library

Every movement, every moment has been precisely planned and packed with action, magic, music, and laughter for your entire family!  Imagine how much fun you'll have watching every face in your home howling with laughter!

"Joe is a talented, funny magician who entertains the children, as well as their parents with refreshing and surprising new tricks."
Jackie Gross, mom
"We have Joe back year after year at Breakfast With Santa Claus, it just wouldn’t be the same without him".
— John Zivizak, Mount Pleasant Recreation Department
Mt. Pleasant, N.Y.

Regardless of which party package you choose, every child at the event will get a special magic surprise they can take home. Unlike other entertainers who just hand out business cards, I make sure every kid gets to be a magician too!

With the Ultimate Party Package, you'll receive the following:

And then, after the big, Appearance of the Rabbit finish the Guest of Honor will receive his or her own:
Amazing Magic Set with easy-to-do tricks, including detailed instructions for every magic effect.

This is not just a collection of tricks tossed in a box, it’s an entire magic act. Now your child can be a magician. Give your child many hours of fun, long after the party is over.

Imagine how thrilled your child will be when I produce this MAGIC SET as a gift from you! Who knows, you may wind up raising the next David Copperfield!

I guarantee, every kid in the neighborhood will shout THANK YOU!!! for throwing such a GREAT party!

"The laughter was contagious, even the adults were laughing out of control".

Lauren Daniels, NYC.

"If there is a better children’s entertainer out there we haven't seen him."

— Gilda's Club, White Plains, N.Y.

My party package solutions range from $275 to $500. So there's a package friendly to every family's needs. And if one of my standard packages doesn't fit just right, I can craft a solution personalized to your specific requirements. For your convenience you can pay in advance through PayPal and use your Master Card, American Express Card, Visa Card or Discover card.

Wow! How Can I Find Out More!?

Contact me today to learn how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. You can email me at or call 914-771-5912.

Call now and together let's make your child's next event totally amazing, fun, and unforgettable!

magic show finale

P.S., As you might imagine, weekends are extremely busy and fill up fast. I do several dozen events every month, and as one of the busiest kid show pros in the Tri-State area, my calendar can fill up weeks in advance. So I urge you to email me or call NOW – 914-771-5912 – why risk disappointing your child?

P.P.S., If you’re checking around for entertainment, make sure you ask these questions:

Joseph Fields is Assistant Director of the Challenge Camp for Gifted and Talented Children.

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